Police found the decomposing body of Willow Dunn in her bed days after her death in Brisbane, Australia. Her father, Mike James Dunn, knew that his daughter had died on Saturday but he waited until Monday to call the 000-emergency number. Police arrested Mike for Willow's murder. An online candlelight vigil has been held for Willow.

The four-year-old with intellectual disability did not have the best start in life as her mother passed away during childbirth on November 5, 2015. Naomi Dunn left behind two adult children from a previous relationship, as well as Willow and her now seven-year-old brother. After Naomi's death, Willow lived with her aunt and uncle for about a year. Mike eventually took Willow and her brother to live with him.

Willow had been living under the care of Mike and her step-mother at Bent Street in Cannon Hill. Her relatives had offered to care for Willow and Mike had been contacted by the Department of Child Safety. However, Mike chose to neglect Willow to the point where she either starved to death or died due to being denied crucial medication.

According to news.com.au, Willow was malnourished, her body had been eaten by rats, and she had sores on her hips which were deep enough for her bones to be exposed. Willow's body will undergo a post-mortem examination to determine the cause of death. Mike reportedly told the police that he was unable to cope with Naomi's death and Willow's Down syndrome. He said that he was struggling with depression which prevented him from caring for his daughter.

Mike was arrested by the police under new laws in Queensland. The new law allows murder charges to be filed if the death is caused by "reckless indifference to human life," the Daily Mail reported. Willow's step-mother and step-sister have not been charged for her death.

A brief mention was made of the incident in Brisbane Magistrates Court on Tuesday. Mike was not present in court. He will remain in police custody until his case is heard on July 20.

On Wednesday night, a support group for mothers of children with Down syndrome, T21 Mums Australia as well as Down Syndrome Australia held online candle-light vigils in Willow's memory.

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4-year-old with down syndrome starved to death by her father. (representational image) Lydia Smith/IBT