It has been reported that a man protesting against hunting has been arrested by North Wales police, just minutes before the arrival of Theresa May.

The prime minister is set to continue her general election campaign with a speech from the town of Wrexham.

Both the BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg and the Guardian's tweeted about the arrest.

Video by Kuenssberg shows the man being carried away by police, while he shouts out that the nation is living in a "fascist state".

"This is a fascist state we're living in under Theresa May's regime," he shouts.

People walking alongside the police ask the officers to let the man go, but they don't respond. "Unhand him, please. There's no need," says one man, while a woman urges "come on, let's put him down".

It comes as Theresa May plans to launch the Welsh Conservative manifesto

There has been much debate over the state of the main manifesto that was launched last week, with concerns raised over the social care reforms.

North Wales Police have been approached for comment.