High-school and college students in Montpellier, southern France, were sprayed with tear gas when clashing with riot police on 14 April as they protested over the government's decision to examine the contested labour law reforms. If such reforms were introduced, they would be a serious attack on the social rights of many French citizens.

Alongside workers, the young people of France have taken a prominent role in the protests, which have been going on for weeks. Although many have been peaceful, some have become violent. Riot police used tear gas against the masked demonstrators standing outside Le Corum, a convention centre in Montpellier. Children who are still in high-school education were seen at the rally and many were detained by police.

France labour reforms
Students throw projectiles at riot police in Montpellier, southern France Sylvain Thomas/ AFP

Montpellier is one of over 30 cities in France which has staged protests against the upcoming labour reform plans.The social media movement "Nuit Debout", or "Standing Night" have occupied the Place de la Republique in Paris every night, to express their dissatisfaction with the leaders and political processes of France, along with other issues such as green economy, women in the workplace and the failings of capitalism. Every night, hundreds of students and workers pitch their tents around the Parisian square, which has become a symbol of national unity since the 2015 Paris attacks.

France has seen frequent strikes and protests since the movement began on 9 March. Organisers are calling for more to be scheduled on weekends to allow more people to take part. Organisers have called for more substantial marches against the reform to happen in early May.