After rioting and violence plagued France for the last 10 days, President Francois Hollande on Tuesday (14 February) called for "justice".

The country's youth has risen up in an extraordinary wave of anger after a 22-year-old black man was allegedly raped with a baton following his arrest by four French police officers.

The man, only identified as Theo, had to be taken to hospital with severe anal injuries after he was allegedly sodomised, sparking the protests across the impoverished ring surrounding Paris.

Hollande visited Aubervilliers, in the Seine-Saint-Denis region of northeast Paris, in a desperate attempt to quell the violence.

"Justice must be served," he said, reported AFP, while also branding the violence as "unacceptable".

Over 100 people have so far been arrested – including 25 people on 13/14 February – with many saying the rioting is reminiscent of the uprisings from 2005.

Hollande also called on protesters to "show that we are capable of living together in a peaceful society, but where respect is the rule and where we must be firm towards those who diverge from this principle".

"Theo" has also called for peace as the four officers have been charged and suspended. However, with riots ongoing, politicians have used the opportunity to score points ahead of April's presidential elections.

Far-right leader Marine Le Pen launched a petition "to support the police", blaming "laxism in French society" for the problems.

As the head of the anti-immigration National Front party, she called for a "major tightening of the screws" to boost police capabilities.

In response, Socialist presidential candidate Benoit Hamon criticised Le Pen stating she was "adding fuel to the fire".

"She encourages violence through her hateful rhetoric," he said.

Presidente Hollande is not seeking reelction.

French President Francois Hollande
French President Francois Hollande delivers a speech on 14 February 2017 Reuters