Spanish police have arrested three people after raiding a workshop where a gang was bolting Ferrari and Lamborghini body kits onto Toyotas and other brands to pass them off as luxury vehicles to unsuspecting buyers.

The raid on the garage which manufactured and sold counterfeit Ferraris and Lamborghinis was captured on camera and footage was released by the Spanish Ministry of the Interior.

According to the Daily Mail, the criminals were disguising Toyota MR2, Ford Cougar or Peugeot 406 cars as Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

The gang created moulds of the super cars and would then attach the counterfeit body to the chassis of other vehicles. The cars were complete with false Ferrari and Lamborghini emblems.

Authorities uncovered four completed fake luxury vehicles and 14 others at various stages on the production line in Sils, near Girona, in the northeastern region of Catalonia. The cars were accompanied by fake registration documents.

The gang drew police attention after one car was put up for sale in Benidorm. A police statement said: "The investigation began after the intervention in Benidorm of a vehicle that simulated the appearance of Ferrari, infringing industrial property rights of the brand.

"Thanks to the investigation it was possible to identify the person who carried out the manufacture of the counterfeit vehicle and its subsequent sale through second-hand sale websites."

It continued: "In addition, the head of the group had a fully equipped facility for the cultivation of marijuana with 950 pots prepared for it, with refrigerators, transformers, fans and lamps."