Friggatriskaidekaphobics may be a little worried for 2017. After all, 2016 had only one Friday the 13th and for many, it was still a bad year on a whole. This year happens to have two, the first of which is in January and the second in October.

For many, the day is considered one of the unluckiest ones of the year, and comes with its own range of superstitions. But what really is the big deal with Friday the 13th?

As if "13" is not already considered an unlucky number, many people feel the same way about Friday as well, and together, they make for a very bad combination. Much of the bad luck for the date stems from medieval Christian beliefs. Some say the superstition arose from Jesus' last supper, where there were 13 people present. He was then crucified the next day – a Friday.

Fearful of jinxing their plans, superstitious people prefer not to start new ventures on the day, some even opt to skip work and stay indoors. Over the years, a series of unfortunate events which took place on this day have only worked to bolster the idea that Friday the 13th is unlucky.

Crusader warriors captured in France in – 1307

One of the most popularised stories surrounding the origin of the superstition is based on the imprisonment of thousands of Knights Templar by officers of the French King Philip IV on Friday, 13 October, 1307. They were later tortured and killed.

Paris terror attack – 2015

Paris attacks
A heart shaped sign with the colors of the French flag is held as people hold a vigil for victims of the Paris terrorist attacks AFP/Getty

Paris came under attack on 13 November 2015, a Friday, when a group of Isis terrorists detonated bombs and opened fire on civilians at various places in the city. The incident which cost the lives of 130 innocent individuals is considered the worst attack on the city since the Second World War.

Buckingham Palace bombing – 1940

During the Second World War, Buckingham Palace was a popular target for bombings, having been attacked 16 times, according to City of Westminster Archives Centre. However, the bombing of 13 September 1940 is considered the most destructive.

Andes flight disaster – 1972

Andes flight survivors
A picture of the16 Urugayan survivors of a plane crash in the Andes on their return to Montevideo, Uruguay. They were rescued after spending 70 days in the Andes Mountains after their plane crashed and in order to survive they had to practice cannibalism Photo by AFP/Getty Images

Considered one of the most brutal stories of survival, the crash of Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 took place on 13 October 1972. Those who survived the crash were forced to face an even worse aftermath as they tried to stay alive on the Andean mountain peak. Without food, they were forced to eat the flesh of their dead companions.

The death of Tupac Shakur – 1996

Tupac Shakur was shot in a drive-by shooting in 1996 Getty

On 13 September 13 1996, rapper Tupac Shakur died from internal bleeding after being shot on 7 September.