The transgender toilet wars have grown so virulent in the US that a woman mistaken for being transgendered was accosted in a women's restroom in Connecticut. Retail worker Aimee Toms, 22, was harassed in a women's bathroom at Walmart in Danbury by somebody who called her "disgusting" and told her she "didn't belong there," the Danbury News Timesreported.

Toms was apparently mistaken for a transgendered woman because she was wearing a baseball cap at the time and wears her hair short. She has recently shorn her locks for the third time to donate to cancer patients.

"She thought I was a dude who was hiding in the women's bathroom," said Toms.

"If it really takes me pulling up my shirt and showing someone I grew these boobs myself for them to leave me alone in a restroom, I don't want to live on this planet anymore," she said in a Facebook post.

The transgender loo wars erupted full force in the US after North Carolina passed a law requiring people to use the restroom of the gender marked on their birth certificate — not the gender of their choice.

Religious conservatives have launched a boycott of Walmart competitor Target, which has said transgender people are welcome to use whatever restroom they choose. Walmart has not taken a position.

"After experiencing the discrimination they face first-hand, I cannot fathom the discrimination transgender people must face in a lifetime," Toms said. "Can you imagine going out every day and having people tell you you should not be who you are or that people will not accept you as who you are?"

She added: "I've had people call me all sorts of names for having short hair. I'm grateful that that woman only called me disgusting and didn't physically attack me."

After her Facebook post went viral, Toms received messages of support from around the country, and she wants people to learn from the incident.

"People have irrational fears, I'd like for them to know this simply isn't something to be so angry about," she told the New York Daily News.