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The team behind Game of Thrones is making sure there is enough build up to the premiere of the popular HBO show's season 4, which is set to air on Sunday, April 6 this year. Following earlier reports which revealed that a full 15-minute season 4 preview clip titled Ice and Fire: A Foreshadowing will air on February 9, a 30 second teaser to that has been released which gives an early taste of the HBO fantasy drama's upcoming episodes. Watch the teaser below:

The new clip, apart from an insight into new episodes, also offers behind-the-scenes-footage, talent interviews, and a cast Q&A.

"The new 30-second spot retreads some of the same footage we've seen before but with the added advantage of insight from the cast in talking-head interviews," states a Screen Crush report.


The video shows some new footage of Joffrey's wedding ceremony (reportedly called The Purple Wedding). Peter Dinklage who plays the popular character Tyrion Lannister says, "Tyrion has never been faced with this much humiliation." Maisie Williams gives an indication about the Stark family "getting stronger."

A Foreshadowing will begin at 8:45 pm (ET/PT) right before The Walking Dead's 2014 premiere at 9:00 pm.

There have been several new additions to the ensemble cast for the show's fourth season. But one of the most looked-forward-to character debuting in the upcoming season is the Red Viper to be played by Pedro Pascal (also Lisbon's new love interest in The Mentalist), according to Wetpaint.

Access Hollywood caught up with Pedro on the red carpet at the SAG awards, where he teased his character:

"He's a prince who doesn't play by the rules," Pedro explained. "He is from the land of Dorne and he comes to King's Landing to stir things up, and he has a really specific agenda and he really doesn't care what people think or also doesn't care what consequence he might meet. You know, he doesn't give a f***."

Pedro also gives a brief insight into season 4 on a whole, saying, "It's pretty massive ... You're gonna 'effin love it."