Game Of Thrones
British actress Maisie Williams plays Arya Stark in the HBO series Game Of Thrones HBO

Game Of Thrones fans can look forward to an emotional reunion when the HBO series returns with season 7 this summer. After leaked plot spoilers gave a little peek into Arya Stark's future, recent on-set sightings have teased that she might meet an old friend on her way home to the North.

Warning: There are potential spoilers ahead, proceed at your own risk.

Dedicated GOT fan-site, Watchers On The Wall, dropped some recent filming details, revealing that the HBO show's cast and crew have returned to Calgary, Canada.

And, joining the team was none other than actress Maisie Williams (Arya Stark), who was pictured in Canada by her fans.

Interestingly, Maisie was spotted filming in the country around the same time when the Canada-based company, Instinct Animals, shared two photographs of its wolves "ready to work".

As it turns out, the company provides the wolves used in Game Of Thrones.

The two photographs of the wolves shared on Instagram are of Quigley – who plays Jon Snow's loyal direwolf Ghost in Game of Thrones – and a newcomer, who seems to carry features similar to those of Arya's pet, Nymeria.

Now, this should not be a difficult one for Game Of Thrones loyalists to figure out that Arya's long-lost friend is none other than her pet direwolf, Nymeria, who was last seen wandering in the Riverlands.

In GOT season 1, Arya had parted ways with her direwolf friend, when Nymeria attacked Joffrey in a bid to save its master and the butcher's boy. While Nymeria escaped the wrath of Joffrey and Queen Cersei, Sansa's pet Lady was sacrificed.

In the show, quite a few Stark children and their pet wolves have lost their lives – Rob's Grey Wind was killed at the Red Wedding, Rickon's Shaggydog was captured by the Umbers and Bran's Summer sacrificed his life in the memorable Hold the Door episode.

Jon Snow's Ghost and Nymeria are the only direwolves, who are alive in the show. If the HBO series takes a leaf off George R. R. Martin's books in the future, Arya's direwolf might play a major role in assembling a pack and attacking the traitor House Frey in the upcoming seasons.