Manchester United legend Gary Neville feels that the Red Devils are doing pretty well under the effective leadership of their Norwegian manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjær. The current football pundit also mentioned that there's a long road ahead for the team, but insisted on the fact that Solskjær is helping them come back from their disappointing performance last season.

Manchester United finished sixth in the Premier League table in the previous season, with just 66 points to their name. As we speak, Manchester United is currently placed 8th on the League table for the 2019-20 season. They have secured just a single win out of the four matches they played so far. They started the season on a high note, as they defeated their arch-rivals Chelsea, 4-0. Since then, they only managed frustrating draws against Southampton and the Wolves. They also faced a disappointing 1-2 defeat against Crystal Place on their home turf at Old Trafford.

According to Sky Sports, Neville said that the current team of Manchester United is relatively young. With so many young players slowly developing their skills, any team would go through a similar phase that United is going through. He also claimed that in the matches against Southampton and Wolves, the team played good football even though the results weren't satisfactory. However, Neville mentioned that such instances are part and parcel of the game and Solskjær has done well in bringing Manchester United on the "right track."

Gary Neville
Gary Neville Getty Images

United's fans are much too frustrated because of the sudden downfall of their team's performance since Sir Alex Ferguson left the throne. The success that Sir Alex had achieved is not easy to replicate. However, Neville is still confident that the current leadership of United would see them succeed in the coming years.

To add some expert advice, the former Man United star claimed that the management needs to take some tough decisions in the long run in choosing the players that they really want to be a part of the dressing room. There must be an extensive bond between the players, similar to the one developed during Ferguson's time, Neville says.

Currently, Solskjær is aiming at long term results and for that, he must pay attention to his transfer choices just like what Jürgen Klopp did with Arsenal and Pep Guardiola did for Manchester City. He mentioned that both of these newly-appointed coaches needed some time to transform their clubs into their present state of success. Similarly, United management needs to keep faith in Solskjær.