Right-wing Israelis have been filmed chanting "There's no children left there [in Gaza]" and "Gaza is a cemetery" in a seeming celebration of their military's offensive on the territory during a Tel Aviv demonstration.

The protesters are seen waving Israeli flags and singing football-like chants to voice their anger at Arab members of the Knesset (MK) Ahmad Tibi and Haneen Zoabi, and the people of Gaza.

In the translated captions on the video below, the demonstrators are heard shouting: "There's no school tomorrow, there are no chidren left there [in Gaza]".

This chant came after the group threatened Israeli Arab MK Ahmad Tibi by chanting "Ahmad Tibi, I wanted you to know, the next child to get hit is yours" and "I hate Tibi the terrorist".

Zoabi recently caused controversy after stating that the murderers of the three kidnapped Israeli teenagers in the occupied West Bank were not terrorists but responding to the Israeli occupation.

The group call for the government to "take away their IDs" or Israeli citizenship because "this is the land of Israel... this is the state of the Jews".

The video ends with the group chanting "Gaza is a cemetery" in a celebration of the fact that many Palestinians have been killed in the Israeli military's air and ground offensive on the Gaza Strip.

Pro-peace attacks

This march represents just one section of Israeli society, with many Israeli activists taking to the streets of the country's main cities to protest the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories and the military's offensive on the Gaza Strip.

The divide within Israeli society is clear with a number of anti-war protesters, such as Avi Blecherman, being assaulted by far-right demonstrators.

Evidence of far-right extremism continues to surface in Israel, with people speaking out against the Gaza offensive facing increased violence and intimidation.

In one incident, several right-wing thugs attacked a pro-peace demonstration in Tel Aviv with baseball bats, shouting "Death to the leftists!" and "Leftists are traitors!"

Israeli journalist Gideon Levy, a proponent of peace and critic of the Israeli occupation, has been the subject of multiple death threats and advised to leave the country by friends.

Furthermore, the three people arrested for the killing of Palestinian teenager Mohammed Abu Khdeir are radical Israeli Jewish settlers with close links to the 'Ultras' of Beitar Jerusalem football club.

Israel has intensified its attacks on Gaza as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned a long conflict was ahead.

According to Palestinian officials, 1,115 Palestinians have been killed in Israel's offensive.

Six thousand Palestinians have been wounded in the conflict, with more than 215,000 displaced in the territory - most have fled into UN shelters.

The Israeli military has confirmed the loss of 53 soldiers while three civilians, one a foreign national, have been killed in the fighting.