A quarrelsome journalist turned a Jordanian televised news debate on conflicts in the Middle East into a brawl, as he decided to leave his analyst seat to throw a chair at another guest.

Shaker al-Johari was discussing the Israel's military operation in Gaza and the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, with lawyer and activist Samih Khrais on Josat satellite Television Channel, when the conversion got too heated.

Video footage of the incident uploaded online shows a battle Johari hurling at bottle at Khrais when the latter was trying to make a point.

Johari then gets up from his chair and threateningly crosses the studio to reach his rival. As the host unsuccessfully attempts calm the spirits and get between the pair, he picks up a chair and throws it at Khrais.

A production staff member intervenes and eventually succeeds in placating the angered journalist, who however manages to throw a pen at his opponent, before being escorted back.