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David Cameron and Ed Miliband are still neck and neck in the latest Lord Ashcroft poll Getty

With the general election just 93 days away, Labour and the Conservative party remain neck and neck at 31%, according to the latest poll.

Both parties are down one point from when they were last tied at 32%, with Ukip on 15% for the third consecutive week and the Greens unchanged on 9%, according to Lord Ashcroft's poll. The Liberal Democrats are up two points at 8%.

Elsewhere, the SNP are up one point to 4%. However, as Ashcroft points out: "Britain-wide polls are not the best measure of the party's impact," and new research that will cover individual Scottish seats will be published later in the week.

According to the study, around 58% of swing voters thought the Labour party has not yet learned from what it did wrong last time it was in government and "cannot yet be trusted to run the country again".

Elsewhere, 36% of Labour voters and 70% of swing voters said one of their main concerns was the party has "not made clear what it would do to improve things". Perhaps more worryingly, 44% of Labour supporters do not believe Ed Miliband "would be a very good prime minister".

The result of Ashcroft's poll is similar to one conducted by YouGov for The Sun, which put Labour and the Tories both on 34%. Ukip scored 14%, with the Greens slightly lower that the Ashcroft poll but still in fourth place with 7%, one ahead of the Lib Dems.

Keeping up with recent polls that also asked for voters' perceptions of the party leaders, this time Ashcroft asked what cartoon character each one would be.

The study suggested David Cameron is like Dick Dastardly or Top Cat ("He doesn't get flustered").

Clegg was described as the "clean-cut but somewhat ineffectual" Fred Jones from Scooby-Doo and Miliband is either Deputy Dawg or Elmer Fudd, who is in "perennial but fruitless pursuit of the prime ministerial wabbit".