When "General Hospital" returns for a new run of episodes, actress Amanda Setton, who plays the role of Brook Lynn Quartermaine, may not be seen. Fans can expect another cast shakeup for ABC's long-running soap opera.

Daytime Confidential is reporting that Brook Lynn Quartermaine is being temporarily recast after Amanda Setton has decided to take a leave of absence. Lynn is one of the prime characters on the show who first appeared in the 90s. A talented songwriter and singer, she is the daughter of Ned Ashton and Lois Cerullo. She had left town in the year 2011 and returned only in 2019 when Setton was cast in the role.

As per the report, Setton is taking maternity leave and she will certainly be returning to reprise the role at a later date. Meanwhile, there is no news about who is going to fill in for Setton on the sets temporarily.

This is not the first cast shakeup for "General Hospital" in recent times. Last week, Kelly Monaco's Sam McCall Morgan recast news broke out. Monaco reportedly suffered breathing issues for which she is apparently taking a break.

Daytime Confidential revealed that Monaco, who plays one of the prominent roles in the series, will now be played by "Passions'" Lindsay Hartley. Hartley, who was married to "This Is Us'" Justin Hartley, is no stranger to the world of soap operas. She has three long-running soap opera gigs to her credit.

Lindsay played Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane Winthrop on "Passions," Cara Castillo on "All My Children" and Arianna Hernandez on "Days of Our Lives." After leaving soap operas for a few years, she has made several television appearances and now she is ready for a comeback into the world of daytime shows.

Monaco has portrayed Sam for nearly a decade. She first made her appearance in the year 2003 as the daughter of mob boss Julian Jerome and Alexis Davis.

"Some big shoes to fill...precious too," Lindsay wrote on Twitter confirming the news. "I hope you enjoy watching Sam as much as I have enjoyed playing her, temporarily."

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"General Hospital" is back on air with new original episodes since Monday.