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Zimmerman's arsenal included a rifle, a shotgun and three handguns Seminole County Sheriff's Office

George Zimmerman, the Florida neighbourhood watch leader who was acquitted of murdering the teenager Trayvon Martin last year, has been revealed to have a large arsenal of guns.

Zimmerman walked free in July 2013 after a jury acquitted him of murdering an unarmed black teenager, in a case which raised national debate about race, civil rights and the proliferation of guns in the US.

Information about Zimmerman's gun collection has now been released. AN AR-15 assault-style rifle, a shotgun and three handguns were catalogued by Sanford police during a domestic dispute with his girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe.

A Florida jury found George Zimmerman not guilty of all charges in the killing of Trayvon Martin REUTERS/State Attorney's

The police report, obtained by RadarOnline, showed he owned a Keltec 12-gauge shotgun, a Walther .360 handgun, a Glock 19 handgun, a semi-automatic AR-15 and over 100 rounds of ammunition.

It also revealed the weapons were fully loaded when officials arrived at the scene.

Ms Scheibe said Zimmerman pointed his shotgun and smashed a glass coffee table when she started moving her belongings out of the home they share.

Authorities seized the gun collection after Scheibe rang police last November.

According to the report, Zimmerman brandished the shotgun when she said she was going to the police and asked, 'Do you really want to do that?'

The report also reveals he struck a glass top table in the living room using the butt of the shotgun, which caused it to shatter.

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The weapons were discovered after girlfriend Samantha Scheibe called the police last November Seminole County Sheriff's Office

Zimmerman then slung the shotgun "over his shoulder... pushed her out of the house and locked the door behind her".

Police arrested the former neighbourhood watchman and charged him aggravated assault, domestic violence and battery.

George Zimmerman Ammo
Zimmerman shot dead teenager Trayvon Martin in February 2013 Seminole County Sheriff's Office

Trayvon Martin was 17 when he was shot dead by Zimmerman in February last year. Martin, who lived in Miami, was walking back to the house of his father's fiancé at a Twin Lakes gated community with a soft drink and sweets.

George Zimmerman
Over 100 rounds of ammunition were discovered in Zimmerman's home Seminole County Sheriff's Office

Zimmerman, who was working as a mortgage underwriter, said he saw Martin on his way to buy groceries and called police to report a "suspicious male". The two somehow ended up in a fight.

The case hinged on the conflicting testimony of witnesses and whose screams were heard on the 911 call made by one of Zimmerman's neighbours. Martin's parents and brother all testified that they were certain it was the teenager pleading for his life, while Zimmerman's mother, father and friends insisted it was Zimmerman.