Georgia woman beats dog
Woman filmed punching her dog as she carried it along a road in Georgia Fox5 Atlanta

Police in south-eastern US state Georgia have been handed video footage showing a female dog owner appearing to pound her pet's head with her fist as she carried it by the scruff of its neck. Eyewitnesses claimed the attack began with the woman battering the dog — which is thought to be a Corgi mix — with a stick.

In the video clip, which was shot from a passing car, someone can be heard urging another unidentified person to "say something" after the woman struck the dog. A man then says "Hey, stop hitting your dog" to the woman who continues her unbroken stride up the road.

The footage has since been handed to DeKalb County police. One of the woman's neighbours described the incident as "ugly" and "inhumane" while another said "I hope they find her — and the dog," reported Fox 5 Atlanta.