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A German TV crew captured the two men abusing a Holocaust survivor in Leipzig. MDR - Exakt Magazine

A skinhead Neo-Nazi spat at a holocaust survivor and gave a Nazi salute whilst another man made an obscene gesture as the 84-year-old was being interviewed on a Jewish memorial site.

Police in Germany are trying to hunt down the pair who appeared whilst Rolf Issacsohn was being interviewed by a TV crew for a documentary.

The TV crew were filming at the Leipzig Synagogue Memorial, an installation of 140 bronze seats, which sits on the site of a synagogue which was razed on the Night of the Broken Glass, in November 1938.

As the interview progressed two men appeared in the background, one with a bald head and heavily-tattooed while another man with short black hair and a black jacket.

The bald man was filmed during the interviews for the German magazine Exakt raising his hand to for a Heil Hitler salute, spat in the direction of the film crew and put up a middle finger.

He also worded "You old little p*****", according to the Daily Mail while his friend made an obscene gesture simulating masturbation while screaming "you little p***".

In response to the disgusting behaviour Issacsohn, who lost many family members to the Nazi extermination programme, said he was "shaking".

"So I have to say that I am now really shaking," says Isaacsohn, according to Vice News. "It's unimaginable that something like this happens."

German police are now trying to locate the pair, with the bald man facing a lengthy jail term as making the gesture can lead to a three-year sentence in the country.

The footage recorded by the camera team have given their material to police. It was revealed that a video surveillance camera above the memorial was actually a dummy.

Zsollt Balla, the local Rabbi, said according to the German tabloid Bild: "We notice that the mood is changing."

Police have appealed for help from the public to try and track the pair.

the Leipzig Synagogue Memorial
The Leipzig Synagogue Memorial where 84-year-old Rolf Issacsohn was abused. Wiki Comons / Avi1111