German police authorities are convinced that the story of a teenage boy, to have come from the woods, is "credible".

"Although his story is highly unusual and raises some questions, but we believe it is credible, that is why we are investigating", police spokesperson was quoted as saying in The Daily Telegraph.

The German police authorities were puzzled after a 17-year-old boy had turned up at the Berlin's city hall few days ago, claiming that he had no idea where he belonged to or who he was. The boy said he had been walking for two weeks.

The boy presented himself as Ray and spoke broken German, but fluent in English. The boy said he and his father had been living in the forest for five years, after the death of his mother. He said he had been sleeping in tents in the secluded huts. The boy said his father had died recently. He left the forest to seek help after burying his father in a shallow grave.

Linguistic analysts are trying to find out the origins of the boy, who is currently in the child welfare care.

The police spokesperson said, "We have people trying to work out exactly where his accent is from." British embassy staff in Berlin is ready to provide all the assistance.

The boy is a blond, with blue eyes and is 5'11 inches tall. The Interpol is investigating whether the boy may resemble the description of any missing boy across the world.

The police authorities have not ruled out that the boy might have gone through extreme mental trauma and is undergoing psychiatric assessment. Investigators said if the mystery continues they would consider making a public appeal.

Miriam Tauchmann of Berlin police told The Telegraph: "We are determined to find out the identity of the boy but at this time must also ensure his protection and his privacy. If over the coming days, we haven't progressed it may be that we have to release a photograph of him to see if anyone can identify him".

She further added, "he looked good, not like a wild man. However, we will do everything we can to find out who he is", refusing to rule out ultimate DNA testing to find out his origins".

However, after taking his limited description into consideration, police authorities believe that the boy might have been staying in the Bayerischer national park, which is stretch to the Czech Republic, or the Erzgebirge region, which comes under south Berlin.