Police in the western German city of Bonn are searching for a man who is suspected of raping a young woman who was camping with her boyfriend.

The couple were camping in the Siegaue nature reserve to the north of the city in the early hours of Sunday morning (1 April) when a man approached their tent.

Just after midnight, the man approached the tent, threatened the pair with a large knife before demanding that the 23-year-old woman leave the tent with him.

He then raped her by the tent before running off towards the river Rhine.

The 26-year-old boyfriend managed to alert the police and ambulance crews, who took his girlfriend to hospital.

Police searched the area for the man using a helicopter over the nature reserve and the nearby banks of the Rhine but were unable to track him down.

Police are now searching for a man they describe as aged between 20 and 30, 180cm tall, dark skinned and speaking broken English. At the time of the incident he was wearing light jeans and a summer jacket.