A woman in Bavaria is standing trial accused of murdering her boyfriend with a chainsaw and then decapitating him.

The accused, named only as Gabrielle P under German privacy laws, allegedly killed her boyfriend, Alex H, when he was blindfolded and tied to a bed, reported Deutsche Welle.

She admits that she killed him but denies murder. She claimed that the death was not premeditated but followed him repeatedly making her engage in degrading sexual practices.

She killed Alex H after they had sex in her Munich apartment. He was wearing a pair of goggles covered in duct tape, Suddeutsche Zeitung reported.

He asked her to tie him down, which she did. But she then grabbed a chainsaw and cut into his chest, before cutting off his head. She covered the body with a sheet, reports added.

Six months after the 2008 murder, Gabrielle P's next boyfriend, Christian K, found the victim's body while he was catsitting. It was still in the bed where it had been cut to pieces. The pair buried the body in the garden with the help of an accomplice.

Police discovered the body in January 2016 after they were tipped off by someone who had heard about the crime at a party.

Christian K and the accomplice have already been jailed for two years and one year and nine months respectively for their role in concealing the body. Both are appealing against the rulings.

Christian K and Gabrielle P have become engaged since the discovery of the body.