A man from Munich, Germany was found to be housing nearly 300 rats in a two-bedroom apartment.

When animal rescue workers from the Tierschutzverein München shelter arrived at the scene, food bowls were seen on the floor that was predominately found covered with straw.

Nests were also found everywhere from cabinets to drawers and under the bed with hungry babies.

"Apparently the man tried to take care of the rats properly. But given the sheer number of rats he ended up out of his depth," said Judith Brettmeister from the shelter, reported The Independent.

"In all the drawers, in the bed frame and behind the cabinets were nests with babies and they were all hungry.

"There were around 300 in total. A truly horrifying picture."

The news surfaced after the unidentified man contacted a social worker saying he is unable to take care of his 20 pet rats.

The Tierschutzverein München was then contacted by the social worker, however they could only take in 20 at the shelter.

Until they can find a new house, the rest of the rats are to remain at the vermin infested house.

Lets hope they have sweet dreams till then as researchers have reportedly revealed that rats have happy dreams about how they will get tasty treats in the future.