Police in Bottrop, Germany, received a phone call by a young woman who asked them to arrest a squirrel that was persistently chasing her. Upon arrival at the scene of the incident police officers could confirm the report of the woman.

On their Facebook page police revealed that the squirrel was arrested, but not without trying to escape first. After the perpetrator was taken the police station it showed signs of exhaustion and dehydration so the officers kindly tried to nurture it back to health using pieces of apple and tea with honey.

A video posted on the Facebook page shows the tiny squirrel being carefully fed by a police officer.

After the meal and some rest the squirrel was handed over to an animal sanctuary, where it has the chance to recover fully.

Squirrels are known to approach humans as a last resort when they are unwell. It is likely that the baby squirrel got separated from its mother and, starving and dehydrated, was looking for help.