Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel will be happy with the figures (Reuters)

Germany's jobless rate fell slightly in October as the demand for labour stabilised in the country.

According to the Federal Employment Agency, the number of unemployed people in Germany dropped from September to October by 48,000 to 2.8 million - representing a 6.5% unemployment rate (much lower than the UK's 7.7% rate).

But the data also found that seasonally adjusted unemployment rose slightly compared to the previous month to 2,000.

The research revealed that underemployment, which also counts people in relieving labour market policies and short-term disability, in the nation has decreased by a seasonally adjusted figure of 20,000.

In total, the underemployment level reached 3.7 million people in the month - a 12,000 decrease compared to a year ago.

In addition, the number of people receiving unemployment benefits in October stood at 4,347,000 - a 22,000 fall compared to last year, according to the Federal Employment Agency.

The data showed that the demand for labour stabilised over recent months in Germany.

In October, for example, 439,000 jobs were registered with the Federal Employment Agency, which was 29,000 less than a year ago.

The organisation said professionals in the fields of mechatronics, and electric energy, metals, machinery and transport equipment as well as sales, logistics and health are especially sought after in the job market.