Wild Boar
Wild boars have been venturing into urban Hong Kong in search of food Getty

Residents in a Hong Kong neighbourhood were shocked and terrified after they spotted a gigantic wild boar on the streets. Facebook user Tu Dong shared a video of the animal as it rummaged through a garbage dumpster along with a caption that translates to "Boar King".

The beast was seen scavenging for food along with its three oversized piglets. Parents witnessed the scene as they took their children to school, and expressed concerns for the safety of those around, given the violent nature which boars exhibit.

The boars, which are native to the hills around Hong Kong, most often grow to approximately 450 pounds (204kgs). But the boar in the video could have weighed more than that.

Locals said that it was a cause for worry that the animals could not find enough food in the forest and were being forced to venture into urban areas for sustenance.

However, once the clip became popular on Twitter, all viewers could envision was a walking supply of bacon.
"Anyone ever have wild boar bacon? Greatest food on planet Earth," one person commented. "I see a bunch of bacon in this picture or something that soon will become bacon," another added.

The animal also found itself with the nickname "Pigzilla" with come individuals asking for a standalone film for her. "Real life Pumba," one comment read.

Despite the jokes, people have been warned to take precautions as boars can be extremely violent. In a recent attack which occurred in the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, a man claims he lost the tip of his finger after a wild boar bit it.

Clive Lilley told the Mirror that the animal attacked him while he was taking his dog for a walk in the woods.

"It was 2ft away and jumped up to bite the forefinger off," he told the website. "It was only when I removed [my] glove a minute later I realised what had happened, because the tip stayed in.

"I called an ambulance which took me to hospital to have it sewn up. They told me it should grow back around as it did not take the nail off, although there will be a scar."