A new advert where a giant cat carries a man to work has been released in Japan.

In what is possibly one of the funniest and most bizarre adverts in Japan's recent history, the advert for Lotte Fit's chewing gum shows a huge cat catching the morning tube with a disgruntled commuter.

For commuters in Japan, the journey to work can be painfully long. The Lotte Fit advert is supposed to show how eating chewing gum can make travelling a much more fun experience .

Why the creators thought a giant cat carrying a man by his jacket would infer this is unknown, but as soon as the protagonist puts a Lotte Fit chewing gum in his mouth, the giant cat appears.

Giant cat

Instead of his usual boring and sad journey to work, the commuter is happy to be carried about by the cat.

After 50 minutes, the exact duration of Fit's gums effect, the cat disappears.

To get the cat back, the protagonist will have to eat another chewing gum.