Gina Miller, the businesswoman who challenged the UK government in High Court over triggering Article 50 without a vote by MPs, has responded to the latest rape and death threats she received following the verdict.

Miller told IBTimes UK: "Yes there has been a deluge of hatred and anger but this is because people were lied to in respect to the EU referendum, and because irresponsible figures like Farage and tabloid media who lack any understanding of parliamentary democracy and the rule of law that is the bedrock of our civil society."

"As a philanthropist, my views are that advances in society, even democratic societies, require an unpopular act; otherwise progress would be easy. I cannot think of a better way to use my resources than to do what I believe to be right in preserving our democracy for everyone in the United Kingdom."

The investment banker mounted a legal battle against Prime Minister Theresa May to get a parliamentary vote to kickstart the Brexit process.

The High Court ruled on Thursday (3 November) that the matter was "a pure question of law" and that MPs will have a vote on triggering Article 50, the mechanism for Britain to split from the EU.

Following this, Miller received rape and death threats on social media. One such post on the Facebook page, Ukip – The Peoples Forum 2020, read: "Kill her! 2 behind the ear. Throw her in the garbage. Dustbin, whatever..." and "I hope she gets f*****g killed".

Another message read: "Miller should be hung as a traitor crazy total s**m". Another said : "I hope she gets shot."

When asked whether she would take legal action against those who threatened her, she said: "No - but this might change. I understand people's anger because they were lied to."

Speaking about the support she received from the Remain campaigners, Miller said, "The heartbreaking stories of despair, regret and abuse strengthen my resolve that we have to bring sanity, honesty and reason to this debate so we move forward with love and compassion."

The 51-year-old Guyana-born former model, who runs the firm SCM Private along with her husband Alan, had previously said to the Guardian that she expected her legal battle would make her unpopular among Brexit campaigners.

"I've stood up and made myself very unpopular. But it's not about being unpopular, it's about doing the right thing." But when asked whether a white man would receive similar messages of hate, she responded: "No. The simple answer: absolutely no."

Miller had earlier revealed that she was nicknamed "the black widow spider" in industry circles in an interview with Financial Times. She had moved to the UK as a 10-year-old and later went on to set up the charity True and Fair Foundation, originally named Miller Philanthropy, in 2009.

Gina Miller
Founding partner of SCM, Gina Miller, is seen following the High Court decision that the Prime Minister cannot trigger Brexit without the approval of the MP's at The Royal Courts Of Justice in London Dan Kitwood/ Getty Images