Brexit-backing MPs should prepare themselves for a wave of blame after the UK splits from the EU, Gina Miller warned on Tuesday (21 March).

The Remain-voting investment fund manager, who successfully challenged the Government in the courts over Brexit, also said that tribalism could grow across Britain.

"If you no longer have Brussels to blame, then Westminster takes its place," she told an audience at London's Advertising Week Europe.

"Is there then a possibility that we will see the tribalism that is happening, that all of the nationalism then becomes more localised and now becomes community-based so suddenly Manchester decides they are Mancunians and they become very much that tribe? Could we see it coming down to that level? I think we can."

Miller, who has lived in a town outside of the historic city of Bath for nine years, said that she witnessed people sharing anti-London sentiments firsthand. "They see London as this other place – this stressed, money-grabbing, self-centered [place], [with] individuals different from them," she said.

Miller added: "The taxation that is raised in London is actually spent around the country."

The comments come just over a week before the UK Government plans to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and trigger two-year-long divorce talks with the EU.

Prime Minister Theresa May will make the move on Wednesday 29 March, following the Article 50 passing through parliament. The Conservative premier had attempted to use residual prerogative powers to trigger Article 50 without MPs and peers voting on the issue.

But the High Court ruled that the House of Commons and Lords should vote on the matter after Miller took the case to the judges. The Government's appeal at The Supreme Court also failed.