A six-year-old girl has died after being thrown up to 65 feet (20m) in the air following a freak accident involving a bouncy castle.

Six other children were also injured as the boys and girls played on the inflatable at Mas Oller restaurant outside the city of Girona in Spain on Sunday afternoon (7 May).

Officials are still investigating whether the bouncy castle floated away in the wind or perhaps exploded due to a faulty safety valve.

Parents of the injured children were reportedly having their lunch as they played on the inflatable.

Some eyewitnesses said the castle floated up, while others reported hearing "a loud bang".

The incident saw children hurled between about 35 and 65 feet in the air. Pieces of the inflatable reached the roof, with some debris found more than 120 feet away.

Seven ambulances and two helicopters as well as police and five fire crews attended the scene, just outside the town of Caldes de Malavella in north-eastern Catalonia.

The six-year-old girl suffered serious injuries and died a few hours later at a nearby hospital.

Six other boys and girls, aged between three and 11, were also hurt in the incident, with two seriously injured and the rest suffering minor cuts and bruises.

The owner of Mas Oller, Jaume Matas, told reporters that he had only installed the attraction on March 14, and that he had no idea why the accident had taken place.

Police said the bouncy castle was not anchored properly to the ground and lacked a license, El Pais reported. The investigation is ongoing.

Catalonia's president, Carles Puigdemont, tweeted a message of condolence to the family of the dead girl. "All my condolences to the family in this tragedy. All my solidarity and affection in these moments of such pain. Rest in peace."