A child and a bear
Prosecutors claimed the boy implied that the victims had invented the allegations against him iStock

A young teenage boy who raped a six-year-old girl at his Glasgow home in 2015 has been jailed for six years. The boy, who was aged 14 at the time, also molested another girl aged eight, a court heard.

He denied the crimes but was found guilty of rape and sexual assault following a trial at the High Court in Glasgow on Wednesday 2 August. As reported by the BBC, Judge Lord Mulholland told the teenager: "A girl was in your home... you abused that situation for your own sexual gratification. This was without concern for the long-term damage that your actions could cause."

The judge said he had indecently assaulted the other girl under "the pretext of a body search as sometimes happens at airports". The boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, reportedly sobbed as he was led to the cells.

The court heard how the teen, who came from a "hard-working family", was questioned by police after one of the girls was overhead speaking with other children about the incident.

She said she saw the teenager do a "bad thing" to the younger victim at his West End home in Glasgow. In her closing speech, prosecutor Angela Gray told jurors they would be "entitled to conclude" that she "witnessed the rape".

Gray added: "The testimony given by both was so evidently honest, credible and reliable that you should have no difficulty in accepting their accounts."

The prosecution said the boy denied carrying out the rape and sexual assault, implying the victims were "devious children, accomplished liars who have concocted a story against him for no reason".

Gray said: "He was not able to offer you any explanation whatsoever as to why the two young girls would lie about him."