Members of Glasgow's most notoriously crime family have gathered in Dubai for a vacation, according to Scottish media.

Annette Daniel and her son Steven "Bonzo" Daniel were spotted at the luxury Jumeirah Beach Hotel in the United Arab Emirates, along with family and friends.

Annette, 55, has been described as "Scotland's most notorious shoplifter". She is the sister ofJamie Daniel, a notorious crime boss who died from cancer last year.

The pair flew out to the resort on an economy Emirates flight earlier in July, the Daily Record reported.

The site also said the couple, expected to stay in Dubai with the rest of the group for three weeks, to take a break from an ongoing turf war with a rival family in Scotland that had put the Daniels under pressure.

The trip took place weeks after Steven Daniel was victim of a machete attack, which left his face scarred.

The 38-year-old man was rushed to hospital after being attacked when his car was was trapped in the city centre. Police initially thought the man had been shot in his face.

The Daniel family is believed to have produced a hit list of people to kill in retaliation to Bonzo's attempted murder, offering as much as £200,000 to anyone who could help them avenge the attack.

Following the assault, police provided Steven with 24/7 security until he left the country earlier this month.

"Annette was hysterical when Bonzo was attacked. She was shouting about a list of people she wanted to take revenge on. A lot of names were being mentioned – it was a big list," an unnamed source was quoted as saying.

"The family now claim to know who was behind the attack. They've been offering £200,000 to anyone who will help Bonzo get his revenge – that's a huge amount of money and shows how desperate they are," the source continued.

"He has been holed up in his house since getting out of hospital. But he really wanted to go on holiday with his friends and family.

"The family went out there to get away from the constant glare of police. They have been Bonzo's shadow since he was attacked."

The 13-strong group also includes a man identified as William "Wills" Barclay, who has been accused of trying to murder Mark Bristow, a member of a rival gang,

Barclay is in a relationship with Bonzo's sister Gemma.

"Barclay is connected to some violent men, who have been blamed for a spate of other gang attacks," th source explained.

"He was obviously delighted with his not proven at the court last month. The cash being spent on this trip is eye-watering – it costs about £20 for a pint."

Several members of the Daniel family have been victims of attacks since a two-decade long turf war with the Lyons gang – headed by Spain-based Steven Lyons – exacerbated earlier this year.