Kanye West
Kanye West put on an electrifying light show on the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury. BBC/ Twitter

Kanye West took over the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury and set the stage alight with an electrifying performance.

The US rapper flew to Worthy Farm by helicopter with his reality TV star wife Kim Kardashian earlier today, as he prepared to face the Glastonbury crowd.

In a surprisingly understated and visceral performance, the singer appeared on stage alone bathed in the light of hundreds of low hanging spotlights and engulfed in smoke.

"If I'm going to jump on the next song I'm gonna hit my f***king head on it," he was heard saying to a technician.

You are now watching the greatest living rock star on the planet
- Kanye West

While the futuristic set was space age in design, his attire was more painter / decorator. The usually stylish star, who is also a fashion designer, turned out in washed out, bleach-stained denims.

His less than immaculate appearance didn't go unnoticed by commentators on social media. "Amazing that Kanye had time to paint his living room before this Glasto performance," said one fan.

Kicking off with Harder, Faster, Stronger, West had the crowd singing back to him as he skulked across the stage in the midst of the elaborate light show. It contrasted starkly with his live performance at the Brit Awards when he took to the stage with an army of men all clad in black.

Things didn't appear to go quite as planned, however as West got a taste of his own medicine when a fan stormed the stage, prompting West to call for the track to begin again as the intruder was dragged away.

Undeterred the controversial performer continued, performing hit after hit in an eclectic playlist, replete with expletives and ample use of the N word, as only he knows how.

In a mellow moment, West spoke directly to the crowd recounting how Kim Kardashian was the inspiration for his music. He said: "I wrote an email for a woman I was in love with. She brought this poetry out of me. And eventually she became my wife and she's here tonight."

With an impromptu rendition of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, a stage that was likened to an art installation, a cherry-picker and a strong recommendation for autotunes, his hour long set came to a close.

But not before the US rapper, who admittedly is not known for his modesty, professed: "You are now watching the greatest living rock star on the planet." In the end, it was all Kanye, which is just the way he likes it.

"Love or hate him, Kanye is killing it," said one fan as the Yeezus star was trending all evening on social media.

While West has frequently pronounced his aspirations to take over the world, he can for now at least lay claim to having taken over Glastonbury.