Nick Hobbs-Smith, right, launched into a furious tirade after seeing his local pub being demolished Facebook

A furious drinker who saw his favourite pub being knocked down launched into a hate-filled tirade against foreign builders – telling them to "go back to your country".

Shocking footage shows the man explode with anger as the Grade II-listed Pheasant Pub in leafy Amersham, Buckinghamshire was demolished to make way for some flats and a nursery.

The pub had closed down five years earlier by management and sold to property developers, reflecting a trend seen across the UK.

It prompted the man – later identified as former regular Nick Hobbs-Smith – to subject the builders to a torrent of xenophobic abuse as they carried out demolition work on the site.

"You come to my country and you f*****g knock my pub down," he can be heard screaming.

He adds: "Get the f**k back to your own countries, f**k off out of mine. Brexit all the way."

He goes on to call the builders "scum" as they try to close the gates to the building site, preventing him coming back in.

But he continues to scream at the workers, shouting: "I'll tell you how many f*****g years I've spent in that pub – more than you know ... you don't give a s***t, I don't give a s***t about your country. Go the f**k back to your country."

Footage of the man's rant was posted on Facebook on Wednesday (26 July) and has since been viewed more than 120,000 times.

Hobbs-Smith replied to the post to apologise, insisting he wasn't racist and that he has anger-management issues.

"I have seen the video and realise how stupid it was and do feel bad for the people that I shouted at," he wrote.

"I am not racist so I don't know why I said some of the things I said. I realise I do have an anger problem and I need to get help for it. That's why I am going to go the anger management.

"I realise that I was a massive t**t and I hope things start to change when I get help with my anger problem."

Warning: Video contains swearing and language some may find offensive

Some people replied praising the man for apologising in public, but others were less pleased.

One wrote: "If memory serves me right that stopped being a pub years ago, making your argument all the more stupid and pointless. How dare you abuse random strangers just for doing their job. It's not their fault is it."

Another added: "I've known hobbsy for over 30 years. This is just one incident in a long line of incidents."

But a third said: "All jokes aside, takes a big man to admit his mistakes, hope anger management works for you."

In June, Chiltern District Council gave the green light for the Grade II-listed building to be partially demolished and transformed into a day nursery with an adjoining home.

In addition, five more new homes and a car park will also be built on the site.

Thames Valley Police said it could find no record of a complaint being made about the incident.

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The Pheasant pub in Amersham has been closed for the past five years Google Streetview