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Josh Charles returns to The Good Wife as episode director. The Good Wife/Facebook

For all the Good Wife fans, there is good news as their favourite character Will Gardener is returning to the courtroom drama for the upcoming episode 'Tying the Knot'. But this time, Josh Charles returns to the show as the director.

Yes, Charles is not reprising his role as Will gardener but he will direct the episode 19 of the The Good Wife Season 5 which is slated to air on 27 April.

CBS's super hit legal drama has ended another great episode 'All Tapped Out' last Sunday. Alicia took the case of the NSA whistle blower and learns that the NSA has been monitoring her personal life mostly because of her Governor husband Peter Florrick.

Meanwhile, Finn is framed by the state's attorney for encouraging Jeffrey Grant to shoot Gardener in the courtroom. But later Alicia comes to his rescue and takes up Finn's case from Clarke.

Diane is having a hard time as she is now bound to work along Louis Canning after he joined Lockhart/Gardner.

CBS has released the official synopsis of episode 19 'Tying the Knot' which reveals a lot of spoilers.

"When Alicia pays a visit to long time client Colin Sweeney, she finds herself in the unwanted role of witness when a body is discovered in his home. Meanwhile, Eli steps in when an unfortunate picture of Zach threatens to become a public relations nightmare for Peter."

Directed by Josh Charles, the upcoming episode is all about how the Florrick's will struggle to get out of the unwanted troubles that have surrounded them.

Alicia gets involved in a murder case when she visits her client Colin Sweeney. She turns into a reluctant witness for the case but it is not clear if she will just be a witness or will be framed for the murder in future.

The Good Wife Season 5, Episode 19 'Tying the Knot' will air on CBS on 27 April. The episode is directed by Josh Charles and is written by Nichelle Tramble Spellman.

Check the promo of the upcoming episode Tying the Knot.