The Good Wife

The Good Wife Season 6 premieres tonight (September 21) and eagerly-awaiting fans will finally get to know how things unfold for Alicia Florrick.

The Good Wife Season 6 episode 1 titled 'The Line' will pick up from where it left last season with Eli Gold (Alan Cumming) offering Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) to run for State's Attorney. However, the episode's official synopsis hints that Alicia might not go down that least not immediately.

"Alicia is adamant in her refusal to run for State's Attorney despite Eli's attempts to persuade her to launch a campaign. Meanwhile, as Diane considers joining Florrick/Agos as partner, an internal crisis threatens to destroy the firm," reads the upcoming episode's synopsis.

The show's creators are tight lipped on whether Alicia will step into politics. However, they revealed that a "new world" is waiting for her in the upcoming season.

"She's [Alicia] not prepared at all. The difference with her is there are people who are politicians who know what they're in for. Alicia is best in our mind when she's an underdog," said the show's co-creator Robert King during an interview with Hollywood Reporter.

"So much has gone right for her — except for Will dying — her husband's governor, she started her own firm even though it's struggling. What's nice is to put her into a new world where she's a fish out of water and see how much you start to love and embrace Alicia because she doesn't know quite what she's doing," he said.

Christine Baranski (who plays Diane Lockhart) told E! Online that fans will experience an unexpected "U-turn" in the first episode. "It's great," she revealed. "These writers are so skilled at coming at stories from an angle that you're not anticipating and they're really extraordinary writers."

The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 1 titled 'The Line' airs on Sunday, September 21 at 9:30-10:30 pm, ET, 9:00-10:00 pm, PT on the CBS Television Network.

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