The Good Wife
Alicia's relation with husband, Peter Florrick may suffer in the upcoming season of the CBS legal drama. The Good Wife/Facebook

The Good Wife Season 5 ended on a high note with Eli Gould proposing Alicia to run for State's Attorney after she sends her son Zach for the summer internship.

Diane, on the other hand, has decided to join Florrick/Agos after Louis Canning threatens her to dissolve Lockhart/Gardner.

As predicted by show runner Robert and Michelle King, the cliffhanger was about Alicia's decision that would alter the plot of the upcoming season of the CBS legal drama.

What will Alicia choose? Will she contest against her husband Peter Florrick and thereby mess up their already troubled marriage?

In an interview with Eonline, the King couple spoke about Alicia's biggest decision in the Season 6 and how the show will be more about politics and less on courtroom drama.

"Yes it is, we'll see just as in season five, we'll see some episodes that are light on court and others that are more traditional," Robert told the website.

"You know what? We ended season four with "I'm in," where it was given that she and Cary were going to leave the firm even though there was some question," he added.

"We start next year exactly where we left off this year and Alicia's reaction is, 'Are you f---ing insane? That's the last thing I want to do.' But things tend to change on the show."

But is Alicia seriously considering the offer?

"We can't tell whether she runs for State's Attorney, but we can tell you that thread is definitely not being dropped," Michelle told the website.

Latin Times suspects that in the sixth season, Alicia and Peter's marriage will be on the rocks as Peter is eyeing his intern while Alicia might choose to be his competitor for the State's Attorney elections.

The Good Wife Season 6 will premier during Fall this year on CBS.