Search engine giant Google has released its latest festive doodle in the run-up to 2016. The final doodle of 2015 features five red, blue and yellow birds perched on a branch.

Between them sits a green egg with a 2016 sash as the others shoot glances at it wearing party hats and a blower at the ready. The smallest bird at the end of the branch appears to be the most impatient as it sits with its eyes fixed firmly on a pocket watch waiting for the egg to hatch. Every time the egg quivers, each bird stares at it in eager anticipation.

The doodle reads: "Happy New Year from Google!" The image has reached nearly every country in the world, apart from Mauritania, Iran, Sudan, South Sudan, Gambia, Liberia and Yemen.

Under the Google search bar, users can select the option to "watch and remember the moments of 2015." The link redirects people to a YouTube video showing some of the most searched for terms on Google in 2015 while playing out some of the most defining moments of the year, including the plight of refugees, voters in the UK's General Election, Cecil the Lion and protests from the Black Lives Matter movement.

The two-minute clip also shows images of female empowerment, including a mosaic of ladies holding up placards bearing the words "I look like an engineer" to dispel the myth that all engineers are men. It also features the moment the US women's team were crowned footballing champions of the world in Canada.

From the discovery of water on Mars and the guarantee of marriage equality in the US constitution to the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack, the video shows the euphoric highs and sombre lows of 2015. The video ends with the refugee crisis – one of the most gut-wrenching themes of the year – as a boat carrying refugees pulls up on land and people leap into each other's arms to take delight in the comfort of safety from death.