Tiger yawning
Sorry, what did you say? Reuters

Who doesn't love animals? Google certainly does, since it has come to light that searching for the terms "animal noises" or "animal sounds" results in a slideshow of barks and roars, from a range of creatures.

The selection of wildlife changes with each search, and includes dogs and cats – representing the household-pet brigade – otherworldly braying from aquatic giants like the humpback whale and even the chirruping of a rogue racoon.

Google Animal Sounds
Try the cat's meow, it sounds a bit stressed to me. Or hungry. Probably hungry. Google

Try out variations on the question "what does x sound like" to challenge Google on its animal trivia skills, but don't be surprised if your favourite furry friend did not make the list – the selection is fairly minimal (seriously, no seal noises?).

It turns out that the largely pointless feature was announced by Google+ Austria on 3 March, but the internet at large has only just noticed the latest Easter egg from the Alphabet company. I suppose it could be used as a quick parental aid for inquisitive children but it is hardly an encyclopedia of the many wails of the wild.

At least this particular animal-chatter trick will not get anyone into trouble, unlike Google's last attempt at viral humour. The ill-advised Gmail Mic Drop April Fools' Day gimmick landed the company in hot water for leaving its victims completely locked out of email chains.

While a decent effort, Google's finest Easter egg is arguably still the old 'do a barrel roll' joke which I will not spoil for anyone who has not tried it (or is not a fan of Nintendo's Star Fox video game franchise).