Sergey Brin Amanda Rosenberg
Sergey Brin believed to be dating Amanda Rosenberg (Reuters/Google)

The co-founder of Google has started dating the marketing manager for Google Glasses after splitting from his wife Anne Wojcicki, the co-founder of 23andMe.

Sergey Brin, 40, is believed to have started dating Amanda Rosenberg, 26, after spending time together promoting Google Glasses - the pair were seen together earlier this year at New York Fashion Week.

Rosenberg, from Wimbledon in,south west London, is also credited with coining the OK Glass activation phrase for Google's latest device.

Brin and Wojcicki have been married for six years and have two children together. The split is believed to be amicable, with a source confirming that they have "been living apart for several months. They remain good friends and partners".

However, reports of Brin's latest relationship have led to industry experts to speculate whether their relationship breakdown will damage Google.

Wojcicki's sister, Susan, is one of the top executives at the company as senior vice president of advertising and commerce.

It also follows the departure of Hugo Barra, ‎who was the vice president of Android Product Management at Google.

Hugo Barra
Hugo Barra previously dated Rosenberg, while Brin was married to Anne Wojcicki for six years (Reuters)

Barra is reported to have had a relationship with Rosenberg in the past, but sources speaking to technology website AllThingsD said he left the company for unrelated reasons.

Rosenberg joined Google as an account manager in 2008 and was promoted to mobile business development manager EMEA in 2010.

She was made marketing manager in January last year, at which point she moved from London to work in the company's Silicon Valley headquarters.

Writing at the time of the move, she said on her blog: "Hello new boss, hello new team... LIKE ME IMMEDIATELY." She also explains how the idea for OK Glass came up while having dinner with her project manager Mat Balez.

AllThingsD sources say the financial arrangements surrounding Google and 23andMe will not be affected by a divorce, as the couple signed a prenuptial agreement.

A spokesman added that the couple plan to continue to work together on their charity projects.