Google claims that it's new privacy policy helps advertisers target users more accurately
Google claims that it's new privacy policy helps advertisers target users more accurately Reuters

Google has disregarded complaints from regulators across the globe and implemented changes to its privacy policy.

The new policy means that Google can pool information acquired from monitoring users' online activity across all of its products. This information is then used to direct advertisements to its users.

The changes mean that Google can use information gained in one application - such as Gmail - and use it to shape other services. While this brings new levels of personalisation, it also allows advertisers to target their messages more accurately.

The BBC reports that Google's new privacy policy breaches European law, according to EU justice commissioner Viviane Reding, who stated that "transparency rules have not been applied".

European authorities had asked Google to delay implementing the changes, but this did not deter the search engnie giant, as the changes were brought in as planned from 12am GMT on 1 March. To explain the changes in its privacy policy, Google has published a lengthy post on its company blog.

in response to claims that its policy breaches European law, Google said in a statement: "We are confident that our new simple, clear and transparent privacy policy respects all European data protection laws and principles."

Investigators in France doubt the legality of the policy and have launched a European-wide investigation.

French privacy watchdog CNIL wrote to Google days before the policy was introduced, saying that, along with EU data authorities, it was "deeply concerned about the combination of personal data across services".

CNIL added that it and the EU data authorities "have strong doubts about the lawfulness and fairness of such processing, and its compliance with European data protection legislation".

Many blogs and forums have issued advice to users who want to learn more about Google's changes. A popular suggestion has been to log into, where users can delete their browsing and search history.