In a few days' time, Google will officially join the video game market with the Stadia. While there are gamers who are eager to try out the service for the apparent convenience it offers, others are more apprehensive for certain reasons. In the meantime, sources closely monitoring the launch preparations are apparently not happy with what they are looking at. Therefore, it might be likely that the new platform's debut could end on a sour note for the company and its users.

The way analysts see it, Google is entering new territory that is dominated by PC and console gaming brands such as Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. So far, two of these are offering game streaming services as well.

Business Insider likewise points out that the library of games available for Stadia subscribers at launch is only 12 and only one appears to be a new title. However, the company promises that there are 14 more on the way before the new year rolls over.

Then there's the problem with the devices supported on launch day. Even though Google announced the Stadia will be available on almost every mobile device on Android and iOS, on Tuesday, November 19, it will be limited to a select number of platforms.

It seems only the Pixel smartphones (Pixel 2 and higher) and Chromecast Ultra owners will get to enjoy the service when it comes out. Furthermore, it seems that the developers do not have a clear idea when support for iOS devices will go live.

In a Reddit AMA, Product Lead Andrey Doronichev made it clear that the developers are not even sure when the service will go live for select Apple products. "Truth of the matter is that we want Stadia to run on every screen eventually. Android and iOS and what not" wrote Doronichev. "We're starting with the Pixel his year. Hope to learn a bunch, make it great and start expanding to more devices next year," he added.

Finally, another red flag that doesn't help the game streaming service's image is the shipping delays of the Premiere Edition (previously called Founder's Edition). Not all consumers who paid $130 for the Chromecast Ultra and Stadia controller package will be getting their items on time.

Google Stadia first party games and features
The new Google Stadia gaming system controller is displayed during a launch event for the gaming service set to debut November 19 GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Drew Angerer