The demolition of the biggest concrete structure to occur in the UK has taken place at the Grain A Power Station in Kent. The 224m (800ft) chimney at the disused plant was blown up on the morning of 7 September, creating some 40,000 tonnes of concrete rubble.

Footage of the demolition shows the huge structure taking just a matter of seconds to fall down, having stood since the plant opened in 1979.

At one point, the power plant produced enough electricity to run more than one million homes but was closed down in down in December 2012.

Bill Cliff, plant manager at Uniper's Grain B Power Station, said: "I'm sure the demolition of the chimney will be an emotional day for the people who have worked at Grain A Power Station, and for those that have become fond of seeing the chimney as a prominent feature on the Medway skyline."

The destruction of the chimney is the fifth demolition event to occur at the plant as part of plans to bring down the main infrastructure.