The Great Fire of London
The Great Fire of London in 1666 by Lieve Verschuier Lieve Verschuier

As 2016 marks 350 years since the Great Fire of London ravaged the city, events are being held all over the city in the days around the Fire's anniversary – 2 September. Starting in a small bakery and going on to destroy around 80% of the city, the 1666 fire was a seminal part of London's history.

From a pretty impressive fire to gentler dominoes, here are the best events commemorating the Great Fire's anniversary:

London 1666

London's Burning
The huge sculpture was designed by David Best Peter Nicholls/ Reuters

What better way to mark a giant fire than with a giant fire. London 1666 will see a massive 120m wooden sculpture depicting 17th century London set ablaze as it travels down the river Thames between Waterloo and Blackfriars at 8:30pm on 4 September, it will also be live streamed online.

The Great Fire of London in Three and a Half Pints

For the more celebratory amongst you, three guided walks are planned that take you through different parts of London – and through a few Fuller's pubs. Route 1 will be pub focused and teach you about the drinking culture at the time of the Great Fire; Route 2 will focus on the city's murderous back streets; and Route 3 will just stay obsessed with London, London, London.

Book tickets here for 3 September.

Fire! Fire! at the Museum of London

Take a look at London before, during and after the fire that shaped it. Hear the stories of those who were really there and explore the immersive displays. Flaming fun for the whole family – on until 17 April 2017.

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26,000 breezeblocks will be lined up over seven miles of the capital, set to be pushed over for a visual tracing of "cause and effect" – the blocks will split into three paths and be laid out throughout the day by 600 volunteers. People can come earlier in the day to watch the set up and wait for the grand toppling at 6:30pm on 3 September.

More information here.

Fire Food Market

If all the take of fires is making you think of sizzling meat and burning grills, this night-time food market might just be for you. Enjoy street food cooking in wood-fire ovens and open-flame grills while enjoying a beer from the Fuller's bar. Saturday 3 September, 6:30-10pm; Sunday 4 September, 5-10pm.

See participating stalls here.