The 'No Border Kitchen' is a small refugee camp that has been set up on a beach near Mytilene, Greece, to provide temporarily homes to refugees, who at the moment, are predominantly men from Pakistan.

Run by activists, 'No Border Kitchen' have had many locations, setting up their kitchens on streets, in squats, and in the carriages of disused trains, serving thousands of meals to refugees every day, often under threat of eviction from the police and local authorities.

'No Border Kitchen' are currently situated on Tsamakia beach on the port of the island of Lesbos, where they are distributing warm food regularly for those seeking refuge and shelter, supported by local groups and individuals in the Mytilene area. However, in the past few days, there have been fewer new arrivals and although weather conditions have worsened, it is thought the lack of refugees arriving at the camp is due to the deal which came into place last week between EU states and Turkey. The new deal is forcing refugees to return to Turkey from the Greek Islands they have been staying on.

Getty Images photographer Dan Kitwood visited the 'No Border Kitchen' and has documented the lives of the men who are currently staying there.