Greek police have foiled a bomb plot by far-left militants to attack the New Democracy party headquarters in Athens.

Authorities revealed that the plans for the attack, to be carried out at the weekend, were discovered during a police raid in Athens. One suspect was arrested on terror-related charges.

Police found other plans for potential terror targets, which included ship owners, the chairman of Greece's industry federation and the chairman of Olympiakos, Greece's largest football club.

The raid was ordered by authorities in connection with the July arrest of the fugitive militant Nikos Maziotis after a shootout in central Athens.

The Greek coalition government consists of the conservative New Democracy party and the Socialist Pasok party.

The revelation of a foiled attack comes after Greek police destroyed a suspicious parcel sent to the Athens Stock Exchange, containing gunpowder and batteries.

Greece's anti-terrorism force is investigating the incident and testing the contents of the destroyed parcel.