Religious communities of all kinds have opened their hearts and their doors in the aftermath of the fire that destroyed Grenfell Tower in the early hours of Wednesday morning (14 June).

Local churches, mosques, and temples are offering shelter to the survivors of the inferno which killed at least six people and left hundreds homeless.

Religious institutions have been offering whatever they can on social media, under the hashtag #GrenfellTower.

St Clement's church, a stone's throw from the smoking building in North Kensington, has become an emergency relief centre.

IBTimesUK saw fashion designer Stella McCartney at the church, preparing food for victims.

Al Manar, a local mosque, is also offering shelter to people of all faiths affected by the fire, which is known to have killed at least six people.

The Telegraph reported that the evacuation was aided by Muslim residents who were still awake due to Ramadan, alerting their neighbours to the blaze after the building's fire alarm failed.

Meanwhile, Sikh Gurudwaras around London are collecting and distributing spare clothes, toys, and toiletries.

Harjinder Kukreja tweeted: "The evacuees only have what they're wearing. We need to support them with spare necessities."

Celebrities including Jamie Oliver and Lily Allen have been doing their bit to help the survivors.

Oliver, a TV chef and health campaigner said that Grenfell residents can have free food and drink at Jamie's Italian in Westfield.