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Grey's Anatomy returns tonight (September 25) with its new season and fans can expect to find Meredith and Derek in a rough place as the show's season 11 kicks off.

"When we left them, they were fighting. When we come back, they're still fighting," the show's executive producer Shonda Rhimes said during an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

We know that Meredith and Derek will deal with their fair share of ups and downs as he mulls a move to Washington DC and the new season's opening episode synopsis also states that, "Meredith finds her life in chaos both at work and at home."

Could all this be a build up to the rumoured breakup of the two beloved characters?

"I don't think that it's a marriage-ending argument," Rhimes told EW. "It feels very TV for people's marriages to end over easy things or hard things. I actually would like to watch a couple have a hard time in their marriage, and have it not be that that means their marriage is over. There's something really great about watching a couple have a mature marriage where stuff goes wrong, things are hard, and people try to push through it and figure it out."

The synopsis also reveals that Callie and Arizona will make a decision related to surrogacy that could impact their relationship in a big way. Also, Bailey starts to see a rival in Alex and declares a fight for Cristina's chair on the board of directors.

The premiere episode titled 'I Must Have Lost It On The Wind' is also expected to feature the debut of Oscar winning actress, Geena Davis, on the show.

Grey's Anatomy Season 11 premieres Thursday, September 25, 2014 at 8 pm ET on ABC.

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