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Grey's Anatomy Season 11 episode 3 titled Got To Be Real airs tonight (October 9) and from the looks of the upcoming episode's promo (below), Meredith's going to need a lot more convincing about Maggie being her step-sister.

On tonight's episode, Meredith will enlist Alex and Derek to help her find out the truth about Maggie. "...and from the looks of things, she might end up stumbling into something she never wanted to learn the truth about," states a Wetpaint report.

Meanwhile, Cristina's vacant seat on the board of directors has led to an unlikely rivalry in the hospital. The episode's official synopsis states that "Alex and Bailey prepare to go in front of the board." Will the board be able to resolve their conflict? And who will take Cristina's place?

Check out the episode 3 synopsis below:

Owen introduces Callie to the Veterans Hospital patients in hopes that she will help them with her robotic limb lab, Jo becomes jealous of Alex and Meredith's friendship, and Maggie continues to confide in Richard. Meanwhile, Alex and Bailey prepare to go in front of the board.

Grey's Anatomy Season 11, Episode 3 airs Thursday, October 9, at 8.00 pm ET on ABC.

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