Grey's Anatomy season 12
Meredith throws Will out of her bedroom after their intimate moments go wrong ABC

It's a roller-coaster ride for Meredith Grey, April Kepner and Jackson Avery in season 12 of Grey's Anatomy as the three are struggling with serious personal issues. Episode 16 of the popular medical drama by ABC is titled When It Hurts So Bad and will focus on the lives of the lead characters as they try to move on from their relationship complications.

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A sneak peek released by ABC reveals that Meredith is struggling in her sexual life as she decides to move on from her husband Dr Derek Shepherd's death in season 11. In the previous episode, she decided to go on a dinner date with Dr Major Will Thorpe but their romantic outing turns intimate when they decide to spend some intimate moments together.

The promo video shows Mer screaming "Get out... get out". When Maggie comes running to help her she sees a confused Will without his shirt. "I didn't do anything. I was sleeping... we were sleeping... and then the screaming," says the confused army doctor to Maggie.

Meanwhile, there is a lot going on between April and Jackson even though they have signed their divorce papers. Last episode saw a major argument between the estranged couple as Arizona broke the news of April's pregnancy to Jackson. The couple then had a huge argument over raising the baby. As per the official description of episode 16, Catherine may play an important role in bringing peace between the divorced couple.

The official synopsis of When It Hurts So Bad reads: Meredith takes a step forward with Will but quickly regrets it; Maggie senses a disconnection with Andrew; and Amelia reevaluates her relationship with Owen. Meanwhile, Catherine comes into town and really shakes things up with April and Jackson.

Grey's Anatomy season 12 episode 16 will air on 31 March at 8/7c on ABC.