"Grey's Anatomy" season 16, episode 5 is going to be nothing less than eventful and dramatic. A lot is happening in the Grey Sloane Memorial hospital, as our favourite doctors return to their duties. Here is everything we know so far about the highly anticipated episode, which is going to bring back our focus on Meredith's legal woes.

[Spoiler alert! This article contains spoilers for "Grey's Anatomy" season 16 episode 5.]

The fifth episode of "Greys' Anatomy" season 16 is titled "Breathe Again" and in it, we will see Meredith in more trouble. She will be dealing with the consequences of the choices she made during her community service.

The official synopsis for the episode airing next week is already out and it is hinting at more trouble for Meredith. Ellen Pompeo's beloved character will be visiting the court for a hearing, after she decides to skip community service. While Meredith had been doing great at her community service so far, it is certain that there must be some pressing issue that forced her to bail out on her duty. Fans can't wait to find out more about this in "Grey's Anatomy" season 16 episode 4 airing this Thursday.

Meanwhile, viewers are reminded that the court's verdict on her doctor's licence is still months away. Whether she will be able to continue her practice or not is still a mystery. Skipping community service could only add to her problems. Could it even mean jail time for her?

Back in the hospital, Bailey and Jo will be working together on a patient who Jo realizes is from the treatment facility. Finally, fans will learn more about what Jo went through during her treatment in the facility. In addition, the show will shed light on Richard and Gemma's storyline. The two will be spending time together as they go out for a breakfast date. However, things will take an unexpected turn.

The promo for "Grey's Anatomy" season 16 episode 5 is yet to be released. Fans can expect to see it after the broadcast of the Oct. 17 episode. So, keep checking out this space for more updates.

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Ellen Pompeo as Meredith in Grey's Anatomy ABC

"Grey's Anatomy" season 16 episode 5 airs Oct. 24 on ABC, starring Ellen Pompeo as Meredith, Chandra Wilson as Bailey, James Pickens Jr. as Richard, Camilla Ludington as Jo and Justin Chambers as Alex.