GTA 4 Flappy Bird

While Flappy Bird has already made its way onto GTA 5, a new mod is giving players of GTA 4 a taste of the game. The mod came out on Saturday and can be procured from here.

How Does it Work?

"The initial idea was make possible player 'flap' around the city avoiding collisions, then I implemented the idea of use pedestrians to obtain points, the idea is "flap" and try to hit pedestrians, if you hit anything else you fall", said a blogpost announcing the mod for download.

Three Modes

The mod has three game modes and each one offers a diferent scoring scheme:

1) One chance - Hit anything that is not a pedestrian and you lose

2) Time limit - Hit pedestrians to increase your time left, if you fall you can try again without reset score

3) Free mode - More like the classic Flappy Bird, in this mode, "Only death stops you".

Other Details

1) Hitting a cop you earn gives you an extra point

2) Hitting pedestrians in sequence without pressing the "flap" button gives you more points

3) Hitting pedestrians close to cops will increase your wanted level

4) Hitting more than two cops will make them come after you with an RPG

5) In free mode, if you reach a score 25, pedestrians will try to do evade your dives when you get closer.

6) In free mode, if you manage to score 75, pedestrians will use RPGs against you and will perform more evasive dives."

For details on installation, check out the download page.